2016 automotive ad of the year

2016 Automotive ad of the Year – Dodge’s “Wisdom” Spot

Watching “Wisdom,” a TV spot from Dodge, it’s not hard to see what’s so special about it. It’s one of those brilliant marketing spots that quickly makes you forget that you are watching a commercial.

Everyone wants to live forever. Dodge plays on that innate human desire by featuring real centenarians sharing little bezels of wisdom. The spot initially has an almost Hallmark-like vibe to it. We hear advice like “There are miracles all around you” and “Life is good…you make it good.”

Then we hear the beautiful growl of a 2015 Dodge Challenger while the nuggets of wisdom get somewhat…aggressive. Now we’re told to “Put the pedal to the metal” and “Live fast.” We see one centenarian behind the wheel of the Challenger as he lights up the tires.

The short film was originally created to celebrate the Dodge’s 100-year anniversary. When it got over 5 million hits on YouTube overnight, the automaker decided to edit it as a commercial and air it at the Super Bowl.

“Wisdom” recently won the 2016 Automotive Ad of the Year at the 10th Nielsen Global Automotive Advertising Awards.

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