Back to School How-To: Setting Up a Carpool

Everyone at Warsaw CDJR loves this time of year. We’re still enjoying the last bit of summer while looking forward to all the activities and new adventures the fall holds. You, like us, are likely deep in the throes of getting the kids ready to head back to school. To make the busy fall schedule a little less hectic, have you considered setting up a carpool with a group of neighbors and nearby friends? Here are a few helpful tips in case you do:

  1. Select members carefully. In order for a carpool to be successful, it is key that you choose people you know and trust to safely transport your kids to and from their activities. They should be safe drivers, willing to use the necessary equipment (such as a properly installed car seat) to transport your children. And of course, you’ll want them to be punctual. Let your kids know these are adults they can trust as well.
  2. Set up a consistent schedule. Once you choose the members of your group, establish who is doing what and when. One mom and carpool expert discourages rotating schedules. It is harder to remember who has pick-up duty when the schedule changes week to week. She recommends creating a schedule that stays consistent from week to week even if that means having fewer people in the carpool or having everyone pick up their own kids on a specific day of the week that would otherwise have a rotating schedule.
  3.  Share important information. Communication is vital in establishing a carpool group that lasts through the year or sports season. Be sure to share phone numbers and email addresses in order to contact the group in the event of an emergency or last minute schedule change. Having this information from the beginning will save on complication and miscommunication later.

You’ll also want to share facts other parents should know: how to properly install your child’s car seat, where to pick up and drop off the seat after use, your child’s need to sit in the front seat due to motion sickness tendencies, etc.

We hope these tips help as you set up your successful carpool. All of you experienced carpoolers, let us know if you have any recommendations to add!

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