Ralph Gilles Asks Engineers to Consider Baby Boomer Car Choices

When people think of the future of cars, they usually think of the up-and-coming generations.

Not Chrysler’s Ralph Gilles. In his presentation at the SAE 2014 Convergence, Gilles called for engineers and designers to pay more attention to the baby boomer car choices, and their section of the car buying market.

Millenials might be the future, but when it comes to the present, they don’t have the cash to invest in brand new, innovative cars. It’s the pre-1980’s crowd that are going to be the big buyers in the new car market, so industry executives can’t forget them in their planning.

According to Gilles, new assistive technology is really the key to helping the older crowd continue to buy cars and drive them safely into their later years. While things like lane departure warnings are helpful to everyone, they are especially useful for the 65 and over crowd.

“I think that’s the beauty of what we can do for this generation, is to give them their mobility back,” Gilles said. “And they love technology. All of them are Facebookers, all of them want to be connected. They just want (technology) to be intuitive.”

Warsaw CDJR wants to see the market continue to include the young and the old crowds when it comes to creating new cars. Everyone should be considered when new cars are developed, so everyone has a chance to find the ride that suits them the most. For more information on Chrysler’s talks, check in with us weekly.

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