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Mindfulness on the Road, Or Why You Should Live in the Moment

Mindfulness on the Road

While many of us are either constantly thinking about the future or stuck in the past, others have begin to turn towards a new focus: mindfulness – a concept that refers to focusing on what is happening currently, or “living in the moment.”

By living in the moment and celebrating what you have, you can lower your stress levels and allow yourself to be a happier, more deliberate person. Those who regularly practice mindfulness also maintain higher levels of general clarity.

Plus, mindfulness doesn’t have to involve the practice of meditation or any other changes to your daily schedule. You can practice mindfulness on the road, at work, or even while chatting with a friend.

If you are trying to reduce the clutter in your life, replacing it with peace of mind, try to be a bit more mindful. For additional tips on how to be more mindful, lower your stress levels, and live with clarity, head over to the official website.

What Your Truck Says About You

Driving a truck goes hand-in-hand with country music and hitting the back-roads. As it turns out, a truck might say as much about the driver as the driver does about the truck. Here’s a quick rundown of what your truck says about you from us here at Warsaw CDJR!

  • Condition – A truck’s condition says a lot about what the driver does in his spare time. Scratches, dents, dirt, and mud mean he likely heads off-roading while a pristine paint job could indicate the truck has just come right off the lot.
  • Color – A red truck says a driver is confident while a white paint job could mean there’s a true gentleman behind the wheel. Tough guys tend to drive black trucks while any of the remaining colors indicates the driver doesn’t care about impressing others or getting noticed in a crowd.
  • Tires – A truck with big tires likely indicates mudding or off-roading. When combined with a suspension lift, the driver enjoys being the center of attention no matter where he goes.
  • Muffler – A loud muffler generally indicates the driver enjoys a night of fun or that he isn’t perfect. Either way, you’ll know when they’re coming before they get there.

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Four Great DIY Jeep Mods

Let’s face it. Jeeps are awesome as-is. But sometimes, a tweak here and there can take their awesomeness to new heights. Check out these awesome DIY Jeep mods


The Hammock Mod

The seats in a Jeep are certainly comfortable enough to take a nap in. But if you really want to relax, do what one owner did—attach a hammock to the roof bars! It works great when you are at the drive-in movie theater.


The Bottle Opener Mod

If your Jeep has large bolts on the A-pillar, you can install a wall-mounted bottle opener. It’s perfect for picnics! (Just remember to be responsible if using it to open anything besides soda.)


The ‘Squeeter Mod

There’s nothing like driving your Jeep deep into the wilderness where civilization seems like a distant dream. The only problem? That’s where mosquitoes thrive. But sleeping with the top on kills your access to fresh air. Try cutting a piece of mosquito netting and using clips to clip it to your roof bars.


The Smartphone Mod

If you have an accessory phone charger, the kind where your phone sits upright almost like the old cordless house phones, you can easily do the awesome Jeep DIY smartphone mod. Just place the charger on the grille vent on your dash, attach with zip ties and your phone is secure and upright for navigation!

With these DIY Jeep mods, you are not only making your Jeep more functional, you are making it your own.


Tips for Handling Debt: Get Yourself Out of the Red

Debt can be stressful and intimidating, especially if you are shopping for a new or used car. That’s why it’s important to cope with debt before it gets out of hand. We’ve put together a post on tips for handling debt, helping you to get behind the wheel of your dream car before you know it.

The first step, according to Uswitch, is to accept that you have debt. Although this might sound obvious, many people simply sweep their bills under the rug because they have trouble dealing with the stress of serious debt. Relax, take some deep breaths, and address your debt head on. If you need it, professional help is available—and well worth it.

Talk about your bills with a professional, your partner, or your family. Developing solutions is often most successful when you are brainstorming with others. Plus, those close to you are excellent at providing emotional support. The pros are great at getting you resources and solving issues. Check out debt organizations like the Citizen’s Advice Bureau or StepChange for free help.

Locate the causes of debt. Careful budgeting and attentive records of spending help you find out where your money is going. Do you eat out a lot? Use credit cards? Buy concert tickets? Most people fail to realize how expensive some of their hobbies and luxuries really are.

Finally, address the stress. Debt can be rough to handle, which makes it important to take care of yourself. Eat right, exercise, sleep, and keep things in perspective. You are on the road to a debt-free life if you are following these tips.

Be a Focused Driver during Distracted Driving Awareness Month

In today’s world, we are constantly connected and barraged with notifications, updates, and ringing from our smartphones. While it may feel hard to resist at times, it’s critical to ignore your phone while driving in your car.

During the month of April, which is recognized as Distracted Driving Awareness month, we want to challenge all of our customers to #TakeBackYourDrive. This includes more than just texting; it means no using your phone at all, even if you have a hands-free device.

According to the National Safety Council, drivers who are talking on their cell phones, whether they are using their hands or not, are four times as likely to be involved in a car accident. And, it is estimated that 21% of all traffic accidents in the U.S. involve a driver who was using his or her phone.

Both driving and holding a conversation are thinking tasks, which means the brain cannot focus simultaneously on both. In fact, the brain actually rapidly switches between the two tasks and drivers who are talking on their phones can actually miss seeing up to 50% of their driving environments.

The major difference between talking to someone on your phone and talking to a fellow passenger is that a passenger can see the road along with the driver. An adult passenger can adjust their talking when traffic conditions get tough and can even help point out potential road hazards.

If you are ready to make the commitment to drive distraction-free, sign this online pledge and #TakeBackYourDrive.


The Best Music Streaming Apps Out There


best music streaming apps

Technology is great. But it can be so overwhelming sorting through the flotsam to pick out the good stuff. This is especially the case when it comes how you access music. To help you decide what is best for you, we’ve thrown together a list of the best music streaming apps out there!


The outstanding advantages of Spotify come in the form of a gargantuan library and a very easy to use interface. Do you like creating your own playlists? Spotify makes it very easy to make them on the fly. Downside: Spotify’s radio algorithms are not as good.

Apple Music

The only tangible difference between Spotify and Apple Music is that the latter will naturally appeal to iTunes users. Syncing your iTunes library with your music streaming app is a dream come true for a lot of interested parties. Apple Music lets you do this.


Unlike Spotify, Pandora’s specialty is radio. Their algorithms seem at times magical for their ability to continuously play songs that are right up your alley! In this, Pandora is probably the best app if you are one of those people that constantly like to find new artists.

The bottom line is that there are many good music streaming apps out there. And probably more than one would suit you. But bear in mind your particular tastes as you explore! Speaking of exploring, why not explore our Warsaw Buick GMC and Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM dealerships?

How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh

keep your Christmas tree fresh
Well she is adorable, and she wants you to keep the Christmas tree looking green!

If you’re like millions of other families across the country who prefer a real Christmas tree, the biggest challenge is how to keep your Christmas tree fresh. Here are a few tips to help keep your tree looking and smelling great all month long.

  • Choice. The most important factor in keeping your tree fresh is choosing the right tree. The ideal tree is one that you can cut down yourself, which means you’ll bring it home in peak freshness. If you don’t cut your own, inspect the trees and look for dry or brittle branches and needles. Ask the vendor how long ago the trees were cut.
  • Once you get your tree, start taking care of it right away. If your tree was pre-cut, you will need to cut an additional inch or two off the bottom to give it a fresh cut—this makes it better able to absorb water.
  • As soon as you can, get your tree in some water. If you aren’t going to trim the tree right away, at least place it in a bucket of water outside. Check the tree stand daily to make sure the base of the trunk is immersed in the water. Tree experts say you don’t need to add anything to the water.
  • Setup. Choose a location in your home that is away from direct sunlight, heater vents, and fans, as these will make your tree dry out faster. For an extra dose of freshness, you can use a room humidifier.
  • Decorating. Make sure your lights are in good working order and have no exposed wires. LED lights use very little energy and stay cooler.

What methods do you use to keep your Christmas tree fresh all season long?

Fall Tire Maintenance
I don’t think this person followed our Fall Tire Maintenance advice 😉

The tires supporting your vehicle are one of its most vital assets, so it’s important to consider the unique hazards posed to tires during each season. Here are some fall tire maintenance tips to keep your tires in good shape this autumn:

  • Be sure to regularly check your tire pressure, especially after long trips and after driving on dangerous roads. Keep them inflated to the indicated amount on the side of your car door or listed in your owner’s manual.
  • Check out the tread on your tires – which will be more important than ever as you begin to drive through puddles and on slippery piles of leaves.
  • When you wash your car, pay extra attention to the tires, which may have small twigs, leaves, and other fall sediment wedged into them.
  • Drive slowly over fall debris, and keep in mind the risk of hydroplaning during fall showers.
  • Lastly, be sure that your vehicle – and your tires – are being regularly inspected by a professional, to cover anything you may have missed.

How do you keep your tires in top shape during fall? Let us know your ideas in the comments.

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Heads Up! Here Are Some Fall Driving Dangers You Need to Watch Out For

fall driving dangers

Fall might be your favorite time of year to take a quick cruise around town, gazing at the colorful foliage and wondering why all seasons can’t be this beautiful. But, fall comes with its own fair share of road hazards that make those leaf-peeping tours through the woods just a little more complicated. Here’s our quick-pick of fall driving dangers to watch out for this season:


Let’s start with the most obvious one: the leaves. Everyone loves them. Everyone thinks they’re stunning. But when they fall, they make the roads extra slick, especially after rain. Even when they’re still on the trees, leaves can cause issues: people stare at the pretty picture all around them and not at the road, which can cause accidents.

Sun Glare

In the fall, the sun sits lower in the sky, approximately directly in front of your windshield all day long. Maybe not all day long, but more than likely right as you’re commuting to and from work. Don’t take to the road without sun protection, no matter how cloudy and grey it looks at the start of the day.

Rain, Fog, & Frost

Fall is an erratic time of year in terms of weather. Hurricanes off the Atlantic cause atmospheric issues across the US. Fog is common, especially in the morning (don’t use your high beams; it will only reflect off the fog and make things worse). Frost can creep in and surprise you the morning after a balmy, 65-degree day. The weather of autumn is one fall driving danger you do not want to test. Make sure you change your wiper blades and keep an eye on your tire pressure for the safest ride possible.

Don’t Get Tricked! 3 Quick Tips for Keeping Your Car Safe on Halloween

tips for keeping your car safe on halloween

Halloween is the troublemaker’s paradise, a time of year when it’s okay – in fact, it’s encouraged, – to cause chaos. As lighthearted as this can seem, if your car is the target, a little bit of hooligan fun can cause you cash in damages.

Here are our 3 quick tips for keeping your car safe this Halloween:

Keep It Covered

If at all possible, park your car in the garage. As potent as silly string can be on your ride’s paint, it won’t blast through wood or brick. If a garage isn’t an option, now might be the time to invest in a car cover.

Wax On, Not Off

This is the time to finally get to putting on that new coat of wax. Wax, whether synthetic or natural, can be an extra layer of protection between your paint job and the acidic elements of egg, silly string, pumpkin guts, and anything else a trickster might imagine.

Be Ready to Rinse

If your car is hit, the best defense is a quick counter-attack. Hit the stain fast with the hose, or be prepared with a squirt bottle of soapy water to start soaking off the goo, whatever it may be.

We hope you follow these tips for keeping your car safe this Halloween – consider them our treat to you!