Chrysler 300C Platinum, Jeep Renegade Earn Wards Auto’s 10 Best Interiors Award

The 2015 Wards Auto’s 10 Best Interiors list was recently released and the Chrysler 300C Platinum and Jeep Renegade earned a spot on it. Judges compiled the list after evaluating 42 vehicles over two month’s time. They took into account interior materials and finishes, comfort, design, driver information, ergonomics, and value.

Klaus Busse, Vice President of Interior Design of FCA North America said, “To have the Chrysler 300 and Jeep Renegade named to Ward’s 10 Best List signifies that we have achieved our mission to offer products that go above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Both vehicles offer customers an interior oasis. The Chrysler 300C Platinum is beautifully designed from front to back. With premium leather seating, easy to use tech features and all the space your passengers will ever need. On the other hand, the Jeep Renegade brings a sportier feel with its interior design. It’s rugged, but no less sophisticated with premium materials and state-of-the-art technology.

Both vehicles truly deserve to be on the list because they provide drivers a home away from home right from their car. For more information about the 300 or Renegade, visit us at Warsaw Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram today.

Chrysler’s Advertising Campaign in 2015

Its 2015 and with so much innovation in the works, Chrysler managed to find a way to stand out. Meet the new “Drive Proud” advertising campaign. The campaign features a range of professionals. You can find the campaign in broadcast, print, and digital form.

Chrysler’s advertising campaign is narrated by Peter Dinklage ( “Game of Thrones”) and the first commercial, “The Kings & Queens of America”, launched April 9th. The “Drive Proud” campaign features and celebrates hard work through life. No matter your profession, Chrysler’s got you covered.

2015 Chrysler 300 - Chrysler’s Advertising Campaign
2015 Chrysler 300

“Our latest homage to the relentless and proud is ‘The Kings and Queens of America,’ where we recognize nobility not as a birthright but an earned designation. Because meaningful success doesn’t appear magically on a silver platter; it is earned and should be rewarded. The crown jewel in this case being the new Chrysler 300 – a car crafted with them in mind,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer.

Among the lineup are Becky Hammon, assistant coach to the San Antonio Spurs, Alexis Ohanian, cofounder of Reddit, Phil Ivey, professional gambler and entrepreneur, Kwaku Alston, photographer, and Tiffany Scrade, jewelry designer.

That isn’t all of the careers that are represented. Chrysler’s just getting started and there’s much more to come. The campaign is focused around the Chrysler 300 and centers on the message of success through hard work. If you would like to reap the luxurious rewards for your hard work, come visit us at Warsaw Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to take a 300 for a test drive.

New Chrysler 200 Earns “Car of the Year” Award at Denver Auto Show

Chrysler redesigned several of their models for the 2015 model year, including the Chrysler 200 and 300 sedans. All that hard work is paying off now, too. For example, the 2015 Chrysler 200 just won the award as “Car of the Year” at the Denver Auto Show. The Chrysler 200 impressed the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press Association—and the journalists honored the new and improved 200 with the award.

New Chrysler 200
2015 Chrysler 200

The Chrysler 200 is new both inside and out. In fact, the new exterior design features the new “face” of the brand’s future designs—and what a beautiful face it is. The Chrysler 200 also provides better performance than ever before, with new powertrain options and up to 36 mpg. The Chrysler 200 balances efficiency and power quite expertly, another feature that made it stand out to the journalists.

Of course, it made it stand out to customers as well. So if you’re looking for a new sedan that offers the best of all possible sedan worlds, come see us at Warsaw CJDR to learn more about the Chrysler 200 today. We’ll show you the new face of the brand, take you inside the cabin, and even let you spin it around for a test drive as well.

Jeep Wrangler, Ram 1500 Win Vincentric Best Value in America Awards

Two FCA US vehicles recently proved that the American carmaker offers terrific vehicles at a value-oriented price. Both the 2015 Jeep Wrangler and 2015 Ram 1500 were recently recognized with Vincentric Best Value in America Awards in their respective segments.

Vincentric Best Value in America Awards
2015 Jeep Wrangler

“The Ram 1500 and the Jeep Wrangler earned Vincentric Best Value in America awards by delivering best-in-class performances when we measured total cost of ownership and compared it to expected results for the competitors in each vehicle’s segment,” said David Wurster, Vincentric President. “Contributing to their success was that both vehicles had the lowest total cost of ownership over five years in their respective categories.”

The Jeep Wrangler has earned the Best Value in America award for four years in a row in the Compact/Mid-size SUV segment. This is the first time the Ram 1500 has been recognized by the award in the Full-size ½-ton Pickup segment and we doubt it will be the truck’s last. The awards were decided after Vincentric analyzed each vehicle’s cost of ownership, including their fuel costs, insurance costs, and maintenance costs.

If you are interested in seeing just how value-oriented these vehicles are, stop in to Warsaw Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram today and give them a test-drive!

2015 Jeep Easter Rally Concepts Sure To Delight

The showroom is just not an appropriate venue for trying to impress Jeep enthusiasts. There, they could only appreciate how a Jeep looked.  And while that is highly important, enthusiasts need to see a Jeep in action to appreciate it.

That’s why Jeep travels to the annual Easter Rally in Moab, Utah every year, towing along all sorts of concepts.  According to Mike Manley, CEO of the Jeep brand, “We go to this legendary event to showcase our latest Jeep production vehicles as well as a variety of new ideas in our concept vehicles.”

This year will feature a number of 2015 Jeep Easter Rally concepts, including…

The Jeep Chief is “a modern-day Jeep Wrangler dressed up to look like a big 1970s Jeep Cherokee” with a “surf vibe.”

The Jeep Wrangler Africa, outfitted for a challenging safari, has an extended rear-body and “a high-clearance steel front bumper with winch.”

The Jeep Staff Car was made for Jeep enthusiasts who may also be military enthusiasts. This concept looks much like a military Jeep, austere, with “open-air interior without doors with plain steel wheels, military-style headlights and a desert-tan paint job.”

CEO Manley says that Jeep expects to “delight our most loyal enthusiasts.” With these concepts, it shouldn’t be too hard.