Beautiful Places to Camp in Indiana

Places to Camp in Indiana
Take your Buick on the road this Summer and see what adventure await you!

Whether you’re planning for the Fourth of July or just looking for a weekend getaway spot, camping in Indiana is an adventure your family will never forget. Featuring all the comforts you don’t have at home, like fishing, swimming, and hiking, camping is a great way to make a memory. Here are a few top places to camp in Indiana from us here at Warsaw Buick GMC.

Shades State Park

Located about 60 miles from Indianapolis, Shades State Park is likely one of the most peaceful places to camp in Indiana. If you’re up for long hikes, this is perfect for you. Featuring the Pine Hills Nature Preserve, hiking is one of the main attractions of this park.

Teardrop Trailers 

At more than 90 years old, Teardrop Trailers features well over 2,000 acres of dunes, swamps, hardwood forests, miles upon miles of beach, and more. The Three Dune Challenge allows you to climb the highest sand dunes in Indiana while hiking a 1.5-mile course.  So if you’re up for a challenge, this is the camping spot for you.

Clifty Falls State Park 

Featuring waterfalls that can crash down below or drizzle like the rain, Clifty Falls State Park is perfect for those who love seeing the sights. Although fossil collecting is prohibited, the creek’s stony bed tells the tale of a marine ecosystem that’s been gone for years. With ancient corals, squids, and more, there’s more to see here than trees.

What Your Truck Says About You

Driving a truck goes hand-in-hand with country music and hitting the back-roads. As it turns out, a truck might say as much about the driver as the driver does about the truck. Here’s a quick rundown of what your truck says about you from us here at Warsaw CDJR!

  • Condition – A truck’s condition says a lot about what the driver does in his spare time. Scratches, dents, dirt, and mud mean he likely heads off-roading while a pristine paint job could indicate the truck has just come right off the lot.
  • Color – A red truck says a driver is confident while a white paint job could mean there’s a true gentleman behind the wheel. Tough guys tend to drive black trucks while any of the remaining colors indicates the driver doesn’t care about impressing others or getting noticed in a crowd.
  • Tires – A truck with big tires likely indicates mudding or off-roading. When combined with a suspension lift, the driver enjoys being the center of attention no matter where he goes.
  • Muffler – A loud muffler generally indicates the driver enjoys a night of fun or that he isn’t perfect. Either way, you’ll know when they’re coming before they get there.

If you haven’t thought about customizing your own truck, come into Warsaw Buick GMC Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM today to pamper your truck!

What Makes a Car a Hybrid?

What Makes a Car a Hybrid
2015 LaCrosse Hybrid Buick with eAssist technology

What Makes a Car a Hybrid?

Hybrid vehicles are all the rage these days with every automaker creating plug-in models of popular cars. The Toyota Prius gave birth to the movement with a hybrid powertrain that is now found in the Porsche Cayenne, Chevrolet Volt, and many, many more. Still, many drivers aren’t sure what makes a car a hybrid. Well, wonder no more! We here at Warsaw Buick GMC will fill you in.

A hybrid vehicle is defined as a vehicle that uses more than one form of onboard energy to achieve propulsion. More often than not, a hybrid will use both an engine and fuel tank as well as an electric motor and battery pack.

Hybrid vs Electric

Hybrid cars are often confused with electric vehicles. The difference is that while hybrids still use gasoline, electric cars run are powered by electricity alone. If a hybrid has enough electric capacity, however, it is possible to drive on electricity alone. A hybrid’s range on electricity alone is very limited and largely depends on the weight of the vehicle, among other variables.

Thanks to the use of both gasoline engines and electric motors with battery packs, hybrid vehicles are more fuel efficient than standard cars. While diesel-electric hybrids would be even more efficient than the current gasoline-electric model, the price associated with them makes the combination incredibly expensive.