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Bringing Back a Retro-Feature: the Dodge Challenger Shaker

Harkening back to the 70s, Dodge has decided to offer new Challenger Shaker models. These models feature a unique hood scoop that offers a new look, as well as a new feel. This upgrade is just one more reason the Challenger is one of the best muscle cars on the market.

2015 Dodge Challenger Shaker
2015 Dodge Challenger 392 HEMI® Scat Pack Shaker

So what exactly does a hood scoop do? According the Dodge, the Shaker scoop increases cold-air induction, upping horsepower. The name comes from the way the model shakes along with the engine (in a good way). The new Dodge Challenger Shaker models come in three basic types: Challenger R/T Shaker, R/T Plus Shaker, and first-ever 392 HEMI® Scat Pack Shaker.

“After selling out last year’s Shaker model production in just four days, our hardcore Challenger customers demanded we bring back the Shaker – plus offer more power and more performance,” said Tim Kuniskis, President and CEO of Dodge and SRT. “We listened, and for 2015, the new Dodge Challenger lineup offers the legendary Shaker hood expanded to include our 485 horsepower HEMI V-8.”

The new Scat Pack racer comes with best-in-class performance thanks to improved equipment. It produces 485 hp and 475 lb-ft of torque, and it paired with a TorqueFlite eight-speed transmission. Not only do these new models look and feel great, they’re also incredibly fast as well.

Pricing Announced for the All-New 2015 Dodge Challenger

We’ve been talking about the super powerful, crazy fast new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat for the past few weeks now, but it’s only because we’re so excited about this incredible car. This week we have exciting news about the whole 2015 Dodge Challenger lineup: Affordable pricing has been announced for the muscle car due to hit showrooms later this quarter.

“The Dodge Challenger has been on a tear – setting an all-time sales record in 2013 – its fifth year on sale,” said Tim Kuniskis, Dodge brand president and CEO. “For 2015, the new Challenger is the most powerful muscle car ever, the fastest muscle car ever, and now our icon is also the most capable and technologically advanced ever, with a starting U.S. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $26,995.”

For the next-generation 2015 Challenger, customers can choose from a variety of models – from the base SXT trim to the top-tier SRT Hellcat – with a number of add-ons and package options in between.

At a starting price of $26,995, the Challenger SXT offers the award-winning 3.6-liter Pentastar, providing 305 hp and 268 lb.-ft. It also features premium seating materials and Chrysler Group’s acclaimed Uconnect system.

Step up to the Challenger R/T equipped with the 5.7-liter HEMI® V8 and pricing begins at $31,495. The next-level R/T Scat Pack is priced at $38,495 with the manual transmission or $38,895 with the new TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission.

The Challenger SRT 392 (named for the size of its HEMI V8 engine measured in cubic inches) combines power and luxury with a starting price of $46,395 with the TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic. The famed SRT Hellcat is available in all its muscular glory with a starting price of $59,995.

Contact us here at Warsaw Chrsyler Dodge Jeep Ram to determine which Challenger model best suits your needs and desires. Whichever trim you choose, you’ll want to get your hands on the all-new Dodge Challenger.

It Doesn’t Get Much Faster Than the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

No, it isn’t a race car, but it sure does know how to act like one. Not only is the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat the most powerful muscle car in the business, it’s also the fastest.

The powerhouse vehicle was clocked by the National Hot Rod Association as completing a quarter-mile run at 125 miles per hour in 11.2 seconds. Measured using drag radials, the time dropped to just 10.8 seconds at 126 mph.

“It wasn’t long ago that a 10-second car, was a full-on race car. The new 2015 Dodge Challenger raises the bar to a level some of us never thought we’d see,” said Tim Kuniskis, president and CEO of the Dodge and SRT Brands. “With the new Challenger SRT Hellcat, we’re reaching deep into our history and bringing back the notion from the muscle car era of the street and strip dual-purpose car. Not only can Challenger run 10s on the drag strip, but you can also fit your family and drive cross country. This new 2015 Dodge Challenger is the ultimate GT muscle car.”

The 2015 Challenger SRT will arrive here at Warsaw Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram later this year. Is your family ready for this kind of racing performance on your next road trip?

Fellow Centenarians Help Dodge Celebrate 100 Years

Over the course of 100 years, a lot can change. Since the number of people who reach the century mark are few and far between, getting a first-hand account of what happened in 1914 is a special treat. As Dodge has found out while preparing for their 100th anniversary, those centenarians always have plenty of advice for the younger generations. Their advice was captured in a video that went viral in an online commercial.

Dodge first showed the commercial the public at the New York International Auto Show. “Wisdom”, was paired with the unveiling of the 2015 Dodge Charger and Challenger. According to Chrysler Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, Olivier Francois, “This video shows the power of storytelling and human connection at its best”.

After the original premiere of the cutting edge video, people began flocking to the internet to view and the newly available “Director’s Cut”. It only took the video 24 hours to be viewed by a record breaking 4,444,714 people. Since April 16 (the first showing), the internet sensation has been seen nearly 7 million times.

The advice in the video is perfect for any generation, but everyone at Warsaw Chrysler Dodge Ram is particularly enamored of “Don’t always do what you’re told”. Sounds like some great advice to us anyway. Olivier Francois chimed in on this too, “There is no other brand that could do ‘Wisdom’ because there’s only one Dodge. It has a DNA that’s just not like the others. And, like the centenarians featured in this video, it’s got 100 years of attitude behind it.”

Attitude is a great way to describe 100 years of greatness.

Get In on the Dodge “Double-Up” Program

We’re on the edge of our seats, waiting to drive the 2015 Dodge Charger or Challenger. Who can blame us? The brand’s all-new performance cars are redesigned and hotter than ever. They are set to arrive at Warsaw Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram later this year; but with the “Double Up” program, you can get behind the wheel of a Dodge Charger or Challenger right now.

Just goes to show why keeping a lucky rabbit’s foot isn’t just for kids.

“If you have your eye on a new Challenger or Charger, there’s no need to wait for the new models to arrive,” said Tim Kuniskis, President and CEO of the Dodge Brand. “The Dodge Double-Up program lets you drive today’s Charger or Challenger and trade to the 2015 with no increase in payment. This is our way of thanking our loyal Charger and Challenger customers, and extending this offer to any new customers longing to get into one of these iconic muscle cars.”

2014 Challenger & 2014 Charger in the Dodge Double-Up Program
The 2014 Dodge Challenger & 2014 Dodge Charger

You heard correctly. You can start a 12-month lease today for the 2014 Charger or Challenger; and, upon its completion, you’ll able to upgrade to a 36-month lease for the new 2015 model without upgrading your payment.

If you decide your Dodge muscle car is too good to return and you know you’ll want it long after 36 months pass, you can receive a $1,000 bonus toward your purchase.

For all of the details, come see us at Warsaw Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. You’ll be driving your Dodge Charger or Challenger in no time.