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Buick Sets Global Sales Record for a Third Consecutive Year

Global Sales Record

Buicks are known as some of the fastest vehicles available. There’s simply no slowing Buick down, especially when it comes to sales!

According to a press release from Buick, the automaker set a global sales record for a third consecutive year.

In 2015, the automotive brand surpassed the 2014 record of 1,170,115 units sold. 2015 marks the third year in a row that Buick has beaten its previous sales record.

Buick’s success in 2015 can be accredited to two main sources. The sales of Buicks in China have grown astronomically. Meanwhile, more crossovers were delivered and sold here in the United States.

“Buick’s momentum is undeniable as new customers worldwide discover Buick’s lineup of beautiful, approachable premium vehicles,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of Global Buick. “We think 2016 will be another watershed year for the brand with the global launch of the new 2017 LaCrosse, the North American launch of the Envision, the U.S. launch of the Cascada, and the Chinese launch of a new Verano hatchback. Our products and our customer service have never been better.”

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Dodge Has to Stop Production of Sold-Out 2015 Hellcat

The 2015 Charger and Challenger SRT Hellcats are so outrageously powerful, it’s hard to imagine how many people would actually be able to purchase and drive them. And yet – Dodge has asked its dealer network to stop creating them due to overwhelming demand.

Sold-Out 2015 Hellcat
2015 Dodge Challenger SRT

Dodge literally cannot produce the Hellcats fast enough for all of the interested consumers to buy one. These vehicles get over 700 horsepower, and yet they’re some of the most popular cars of the year.

According to a company spokesperson, Dodge is “temporarily restricting orders while we validate current orders that are in the system.” As frustrating as this might be for Dodge, it’s got to feel good to have underestimated than to have overestimated.

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2014: Chrysler Leads the Automotive Industry in Strong Year

Early projections say that Chrysler lead the automotive industry in a stellar year for sales, leading auto companies as 2014’s best-seller. In fact, Chrysler estimated Chrysler sales went up more than 2 million units for the full year, growing more than 16% since 2013.

Demand for the auto company’s Jeep Cherokee and Ram pickups are being held responsible for much of the groundbreaking sales numbers, though most of Chrysler’s numbers increased across the board.

2015 Chrysler 200C
2015 Chrysler 200C

“Low gas prices, a record stock market and the improving economy are making people feel more financially comfortable, and even the weather” are being attributed to such a high-selling year for cars, according to an Edmunds.com analyst.

Other companies, like Toyota, have seen increases in sales this year, though their numbers don’t match Chrysler’s. Another successful company this year was Ford, whose sales will likely change radically as the new 2015 F-150 models hit dealerships.

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